This NFTs collection is inspired by the planets of our galaxy, my aim is to bring the Universe as we know it in the Metaverse and to focus on the way planets affect our life and personality, each NFT you'll see in the gallery below is nothing more than a snapshot of a moment of anyone's everyday life.
Achievements, strengths, fears, joy, desire, darkness, all of them and more represented through audio and video in pure D'Aluisio style.
Since ancient time humans used to look up in the sky admiring the immensity of the stars, believing something or someone up there could in a way control or affect their lives. 
In this collection we'll dive deep into astrology, we'll analyse each planet, we'll be looking at the movements of the planets and we'll use those celestial movements to understand the greater movements of the universe.
That's what astrology is about, reading the larger story behind the events in our universe. While each of us individually may just represent one cog in the greater whole. 
Astrology gives us information about how that cog fits. It tells us about our own individual place in the greater narrative of the universal story.
Each planet symbolizes something in all our lives - a universal component of our experiences. They rule over different parts of our psyche - different desires, different needs that create who we are. 
In this collection each planet will be represented by one or more NFTS, my aim is give you a unique and immersive experience through the images and music i've created, un unforgettable journey where i'll express myself tho a whole new level.


The quality of the videos in the galleries below may not reflect the high quality of the actual NTF, we're working on it in order to give you the best experience on this website.


Known as the planet of love and beauty, Venus governs art, culture, luxuries, charm, peace and of course, relationships.

What do you love?

What do you enjoy doing the most?

What kind of love do you need?

The answer to all these questions lies in Venus. Venus and its position in the natal chart tells a lot about your interests and love life. Did you know that even brings luck? Actually, in earlier times it was called the lesser benefic, after Jupiter it is the best planet to have in any house.

People usually know about their Sun sign, some know their rising sign. Those more interested in astrology even know their Moon sign, but the sign of Venus affects you in a great amount, too.

Venus governs flowers, fruits, art in astrology and it knows how to enjoy life.

The symbol of Venus looks like this: ♀︎. There are more opinions on what its glyph represents, some astrologers think it is the vanity mirror of goddess Venus.


Saturn's planetary energy is all about work and structure.

In astrology it rules limitations, frustration, delay. But the good things is, this planet also shows you how you can overcome your difficulties, and the reward is there to stay.

Here’s what Saturn has to say about persistence, restrictions and insecurities.

However, Saturn’s function in astrology is not a pleasant one. Saturn governs time, discipline, persistence, hard work. Without Saturn, everything would collapse. It gives life structure. This is true even on the level of the human body, where Saturn rules the skeletal system. (It also rules the skin, ligaments, the knees and body protein.)

Saturn is all about stiffness and rigidity, concentrated energy and the solid state of matter. In the natal chart, Saturn is the urge for stability and safety.

Knowing this, it is no surprise that Saturn rules an earth sign.

Saturn’s orbital period is approximately 29 years. It stays in each zodiac sign for about 2-2,5 years.

Often called the taskmaster of the horoscope, Saturn is the teacher and the judge. It tests you to see if you have learned the lessons which you chose to learn in this lifetime. Saturn rules discipline, hard work and persistence in astrology, and it’s role is to help you develop self-discipline.



What makes you angry? So angry that you want to throw a glass or a plate at the wall! And just scream endlessly like a madman.

When someone violates your boundaries, you feel anger. The parts of the human psyche responsible for aggression and self-defense are what we are going to talk about. They are associated with Mars in astrology.

Mars is a fascinating planet, dangerous and exciting at the same time.

It governs violence, war, strife, wounds, cuts—doesn’t sound too peaceful, right?

But as always in astrology, the meaning of Mars in the natal chart is more complex. Without Mars, we would spend all our lives asleep.

Mars is the smallest planet of the Solar System after Mercury. It has a reddish colour which is why it’s also called the Red Planet. You can see it with naked eye, Mars was already known and used by early civilizations.

Mars in astrology governs drive, energy, sexuality and violence. It represents the warrior and the hero. Mars is the root chakra, focused on survival. There is both a good and a bad side to it, and it needs the balance of its polar opposite, Venus, for us to make the most out of it.

The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war, Mars. He is the equivalent of the Greek Ares. People were afraid of him, because they knew how powerful its destructive power is. When Mars is set free, the world turns into chaos.

But when used constructively, this planet can be your greatest asset. Mars represents your ambition and drive. It forces you to keep fighting for your dreams and reach your goals. Mars is the engine of your personality. This planet is your willpower and it helps you be assertive when it is necessary.

Mars also governs insensitivity, cruelty, aggression. It is an extremely fiery planet, and you have to keep it under control because it potentially very destructive. Mars rules war, weapons, iron and fire. In the human body, Mars is the ruler of the muscular system, red blood cells, the head and the face.

The glyph used for Mars depicts the shield and spear of Mars (but if you prolong it, it can also resemble the male genitalia). Mars’s symbol looks like this: ♂︎. This sign is used for males, as Mars has very masculine and active energy.


When you get stuck in your own head, the world can be a lonely place. You have to connect and share your thoughts to feel content in life—which is the function of Mercury in astrology. It enables us to communicate. Each planet embodies a basic urge and drive from different parts of the human psyche. Mercury in the natal chart is about communication. But of course, there is much more to it, Mercury in astrology represents your thinking processes in general and rational mind. It also shows how you learn the best.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the Solar System. It is also the hottest, quickest and smallest—no wonder astrologers describe it as alert and jumpy. Mercury’s orbit is only 88 days. In the natal chart, Mercury is never further away from the Sun than 28 degrees, which means that Mercury is always located either in the same zodiac sign as the Sun, or in the sign following or preceding it.

Mercury has been known to humans since the ancient ages—under proper conditions, Mercury can be seen even with a naked eye! It is one of the personal planets in astrology and it has been in use ever since humans started stargazing.

As you can see, transmission of information is Mercury’s main role in astrology. In the human body, Mercury governs the lungs, respiratory system, hands, arms and the hormones in general.

The planet Mercury got its name after Mercury, the Roman equivalent of Hermes in Greek mythology. He was the the Messenger of Gods, and as you can guess based on this title, he governed communication and eloquence. On the negative side, Mercury and Hermes were also associated with thief and trickery.

The glyph used for Mercury in astrology looks like this: ☿. It represents the winged cap of god Mercury which made it possible for him to travel very fast.

Mercury is often prominent in the natal chart of writers, programmers, scientists and in all professions where you need to analyze problems or use logical thinking. It’s also important in all fields where you have to communicate a lot or teach people.


Jupiter is the biggest planet—it is a gas giant—in the Solar System. Astrologers have used it since the early days, Jupiter is visible to the naked eye. This planet got its name after the king of gods in Roman mythology who happened to be called Jupiter (and who is the equivalent of the Greek Zeus). This already gives you an idea how majestic Jupiter is in astrology. Its glyph refers to the first letter of the Greek spelling for Zeus and looks like this: ♃.

This planet was referred to as Fortuna major which translates as the greater benefic (the lesser one is Venus). We are talking about the planet of luck, prosperity and abundance, after all. Where Jupiter appears in your chart, you can expect success and luck.

There are times in life when all you can do is to hope that things will work out for you. Jupiter is the planet of faith in astrology. It believes that everything will be good, not because of desperate hopelessness but because it knows deep down there that things will turn out right in the end. It’s an unshakable faith that life is worth living, and hardships are stepping stones towards a more evolved and fulfilled life.

Jupiter in astrology has not as much to do with religion (which is Neptune) as with faith. This planet is all about expansion and growth, and spiritual quests are an excellent way to gain knowledge and level up mentally. People who have Jupiter emphasized in their charts are optimistic and believe that things will work in their favor.

When you have faith in life, you actually create more opportunities for yourself (Jupiter is the planet of opportunities, too). Good fortune has this habit of going to people who expect and embrace it.

There is something important to keep in mind when looking at Jupiter in astrology.

In space, Jupiter has no light of its own, it reflects the light of the Sun. And in astrology, Jupiter reflects and expands the qualities your Sun radiates. If you believe in success and do everything you can to achieve your goals, Jupiter will help you on this journey.

Jupiter,is the Planet of Philosophers


There is something unique in all of us. We do some things differently than others. Sometimes you just feel the need to turn left when everyone turns right and marsh to the beat of your own drum. That drum is what Uranus in astrology is all about.

The position of Uranus in the natal chart shows in which life areas you want to rebel and choose a different path than the rest of your peers. Uranus in astrology represents originality and uniqueness. But as always, it’s meaning of Uranus in astrology is complex and fascinating.

Uranus is unusual in every way. It was discovered by an amateur astronomer, Sir William Herschel in 1781. This is the symbol of Uranus in astrology: ♅. It looks like the letter H, for its discoverer.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the first one of the so-called outer planets. Being so far from us, it’s in use only in modern astrology.

Uranus has an orbit of 80 years. Not a quick moving planet, right? It stays in each zodiac sign for about seven years. Because large groups of people share the same Uranus sign, it is called a transgenerational planet, which means that it’s position in signs affects society as a whole rather than an individual person. (Of course, its house and aspects in the chart are still important.)

Uranus is an ice giant, and it has a nice blue color.

This planet got its name after the god of sea in Greek mythology, Uranus. Here’s a bonus fun fact about Uranus: it has 27 moons, and all of them are named after after Shakespearean characters.

In the natal chart, Uranus shows the life areas where you tend to play by your own rules instead of going with what is expected of you. In this life area, you question the status quo and this is where you rebel.

When dealing with Uranus in astrology, always expect the unexpected. This planet is famous for its eccentricity, revolutionary aspirations and sudden changes.

Uranus in astrology is similar to the mad scientist. It’s both the Genius and the Fool.

The planet Uranus is literally eccentric. Its axis of rotation is tilted nearly horizontal, in the plane of its solar orbit. And Uranus is an eccentric planet in astrology. It always does the opposite of what the other planets are doing. Breaking the rules is in its blood.

This planet rules uniqueness, individuality and originality. Uranus is the planet of rebellion. It is the planet of rebellion on the level of the society, too. Uranus in astrology governs revolutions, fighting for social justice and independence.

Uranus also governs even natural disasters like earthquakes.

Humanitarianism and utopian ideals are another important keywords of Uranus in astrology. 

This planet is oriented on the future. Uranus in astrology is all about innovation and new technologies. It loves everything modern.


Neptune in the planet of fairy tales. All things fantastic and mystical belong to Neptune in astrology.

But where is the thin line between healthy daydreaming and escapism?

How to let yourself immerse in the world of fantasy without getting lost forever?

Neptune in the natal chart shows how you seek spiritual development, but also where you are prone to illusions.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun, both an ice and a gas giant. Being so far away, it was discovered only in 1846. It got its name after Neptunus, the Roman god of the sea, who is the equivalent of the Greek Poseidon. The glyph of Neptune in astrology is the simplified trident of Neptune: ♆. 

Neptune has a beautiful blue colour.

All the outer planets are connected to an inner planet. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Neptune represents divine inspiration and unconditional love. It is similar to Venus, but Venus is about connecting and loving on a personal level, while Neptune is about divine compassion.

Neptune works in a slow and subtle way. It’s energy is passive or feminine, you could imagine this planet as the archetype of the fairy.

There are many things associated with Neptune in astrology. As the natural ruler of the twelfth house, it’s no surprise that this planet is mystical and somewhat hard to understand from our mundane world. You just have to accept this haziness, and accept that there will always remain some unknown parts here.

Neptune is the planet of divine inspiration. It’s the muse you are waiting for to bless your work. If this planet is emphasized in your chart, you probably have some form of artistic talent. The twelfth house, Pisces and Neptune are all important when talking about the arts, because they are the source of great ideas and inspiration.

The element water is known as creative and emotional in astrology. Pisces, the sign Neptune rules is a water sign by element, and if it is emphasized in your chart, it gifts you with extreme intuition.

Mystical Neptune is an endless source of creativity which you can tap into. Neptune and Pisces represent a fantasy world full of magic that you can bring over into this world and transform into a piece of art.

Music is traditionally associated with Neptune in astrology. This planet is the higher octave of Venus, and adds its magic to the world of music. Neptune also governs acting, which is actually a form of illusion. It recreates a scene that doesn’t exist in the real world. Theater, movies and television are all ruled by Neptune in astrology.

This planet is also prominent in the charts of poets. Neptune in aspect with Mercury is a frequent indicator of literary talent.


Pluto is far, far away from us. Being so distant and in the shadow, Pluto in astrology represents the darkest aspects of human existence and its world is definitely not for the faint-hearted. No matter how much we want to believe the opposite, life is not only fun and sunshine. There are many painful experiences each of us have to go through.

Pluto is one of the most feared planets, as its destructive power is one of its kind. Even though it’s considered a dwarf planet, Pluto is the most intense planet in astrology. It is a challenge to work with it constructively, but it is possible, however.

Astronomically speaking, Pluto is a dwarf planet, made of rock and ice. But don’t let its small size fool you, Pluto is a very powerful object in astrology. However, it was discovered only in 1930. This period aligns with the rise of dictatorships and experiments with nuclear power.

Pluto is named after the Roman god of the underworld. The story of this name, is quite unusual, an eleven-years old girl suggested to name the planet Pluto. Pluto in astrology governs all things hidden under the surface.

The most important thing associated with Pluto is transformation.

Meeting Pluto is a very painful experience. If often happens quickly, an intense and powerful event that suddenly changes who you are. Plutonian experiences can be even violent and traumatic. Because of its intensity, Pluto has the power to do great destruction.

Pluto’s role is to transform what doesn’t function anymore.

Pluto in astrology governs transformation on all levels. First of all, it’s the ruler of life and death—named after the god of the underworld this is not surprising, right? All processes where you go from one realm of existence to the other belong to Pluto. Think about how strange our world is to a baby who has just arrived. It’s similar when it comes to death, we have to go back where we came from, but it seems scary and uncertain.

Pluto, however, governs transformation on a more complex level. As the planet of digging under the surface, it wants you to get rid of all destructive mechanisms you acquired throughout your life. Pluto rules psychotherapy in astrology.

The alchemy of the human psyche is what Pluto in astrology is all about. Plutonian experiences lead to you to reconsider everything you knew about life to be true. When your world turns upside down, it’s hard to keep your faith. The events of Pluto are most of the time very painful, and Pluto adds intensity to everything it touches. Plutonian events can be straightforward brutal, including violence rape or death. The energies of Pluto are destructive, making space for a new and more capable entity to be born.

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