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150 cm x 100 cm   


Mixed Media (Oil & Acrylic) 

Above the ponds, above the valleys,

Mountains, woods, clouds, and seas,

Beyond the sun, beyond the heavens,

Beyond the confines of starry spheres,


My spirit, you roam with agility,

And, like a good swimmer bracing the waves,

You soar happily into profound immensity

With exquisite male delight.


Fly, far away from these noxious surroundings;

And cleanse yourself in the pure air above,

And drink, the clear fire that fills lucid spaces,

As you would a pure and divine liqueur.


Behind the nuisances, and the vast chagrins

Amassing with their weight our bewildered existence,

Happy is he who can with a vigorous wing

Propel towards the luminous and serene realms;


He whose thoughts, like larks,

Free, in the morning take flight,

— Hover over life, and understand with ease

The language of flowers and silent things!



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