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76.2 cm x 101.6 cm 

30 inch x 40 inch  


Mixed Media (Oil & Acrylic) 

All the broken glass reminds me of home
Brings up all the memories of long ago
Guess what's coming back today
I know you said that it's okay
When time expires on the Earth
That's how you know it's over


When all the guns are loaded close by you

When he offers reasons he just had to go
We're just changing with seasons and you never know


When you lost your reasons and you just don't know
And you realize that you have nothing left to show
When you prick your heart like a bleeding drum
And you realize that you have nowhere left to run

This for the abused and this is for the abuser

"Guns Are Loaded

Daron MalakianScars on Broadway"

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