Daniele D'Aluisio was born in a little town within the Apulia region of south east Italy. After spending many years in Sydney, Australia, he is currently living in Los Angeles, California. Daniele has been part of Raw Artists since 2017.

His love for art led him to begin drawing and then painting, and over time his dedication has allowed his skills to grow to the point where his passion for art has developed a clear form and style. Many years of work within the family welding business also means that Daniele has experience with metal manipulation. Indeed, in his earlier years, sculpture was his preferred method of displaying his imagination in an artistic form.

No matter the medium of his art, the message of his pieces is clear and overwhelming: ‘every dream has to be realized, for the love of our lives’. It is this belief that permeates Daniele’s life goals and artistic creations.

Bored and frustrated by the small town where he was born, Daniele left Italy in 2012 searching for richer experiences and a deeper understanding of himself and his aspirations. His travels took him thousands of kilometres, over the three oceans, always learning about himself and therefore enriching his creativity. Daniele has lived and worked in Australia, USA, the Caribbean and Asia.

It has often been a lonely journey, melancholy at times, and always challenging, but mainly it has been a wonderful research opportunity. Daniele has come to realise that expressing oneself is what matters most and thus, during his adolescence, and more than ever now during his travels, pen and notebook are his faithful companions. Many a sleepless night will see him write down his thoughts, hopes and dreams, sometimes in note form, other times poetry.

Since his high school years, Daniele has admired the works of poet and art critic, Charles Baudelaire, particularly his most famous work is "Les fleurs du mal" or ‘The flowers of evil’. Daniele’s inspiration from this volume of poetry is shown in his paintings where themes of decadence, eroticism and dark, mysterious atmospheres are common. Daniele has spent time researching the variability of emotions, the indescribable spark that is behind every sentiment, searching for an explanation to that perpetual rollercoaster of feelings which, just like the ocean tide is constant but can also be unpredictably and inexplicably varied. Daniele is fascinated by the ever-present conflict, both external and internal, and the discomfort that it often stirs deeply within each of us. Daniele tries to use his art to capture that conflict and describe it, however he is aware that there often is no way to explain the unexplainable.

Another recurring theme of Daniele’s paintings is the female body. There is little to say about it that has not already been said! Worshiped by every civilization on the planet, the female form perfectly captures beauty and harmony. Daniele frequently ends up getting lost amongst the rolling forms and the intriguing curves of a woman's torso, to the point where he often omits the limbs, or hides the face, thus diminishing details that should be secondary to the form itself.

Daniele loves strong colors and uses contrasting and sometimes clashing colours to draw the eye. His artwork is complex, at first sight seemingly easy to interpret but always with deeper meanings that are only possible to understand with dedicated attention. His characters are sometimes interpretations following an unhappy dream, other times they are merely used to illustrate the many questions of life.

Ultimately in his works, we find an encouraging message of confidence and hope because, although cynical and realistic in his approach to life, Daniele believes that "Every dream has to be realised, for the love of our lives." 










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